Demo Submission Policy


Please send your demo to and make sure that you have respected the terms and conditions of our demo policy.


NoiseFloor Records Demo Policy:


  • Please make sure your demo fits with the sound of the label.

  • We only accept private Soundcloud links shared exclusively with us.

  • We do not accept less than 2 songs.

  • We accept only originals, not remixes.

  • Please do not attach mp3s.

  • Include links to your Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Beatport page or website.

  • Demos which do not respect our policy will be ignored.


Please respect the privacy of our A&R team. We will only respond if there’s an interest in your demo as we deem it fit to the label. Otherwise, you will not hear from us.


If you are sure that your music reflects all the above-mentioned points you are free to send us your work.


Looking forward to hearing your demos,


NoiseFloor Records

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