Saint Laurent - Analogic Dreams EP including 3 original tracks




From the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean, snaking through the heart of Quebec’s most populous regions, the St. Lawrence River has always been a vital part of the life of this province well before colonization.It is in honor of this majestic torrent, that the duo Saint Laurent formed of Antoine Cuillerier and Gabriel Béland is named. Antoine, working on a merchant ship and Gabriel, from the Gaspésie coastal region, do indeed have a close link with this river.⁣
⁣This EP was created after a chat about trying to use hardware instead of software in their productions, that the boys decided to took a peek inside Synth Palace in Montréal. After a couple sessions they did a recording of what they thought could be a nice project for an EP and here we are ! Analogic Dreams is a dream come true for Antoine and Gabriel as they were able to record with exceptional vintage analogic synths in a professional studio environment and this EP is somewhat a mix of all the experiments made out of these sessions.⁣


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⁣Track List:⁣
⁣Analogic Dreams⁣

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